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This is my avatar. I have long brown hair, like to wear hats, have dark brown eyes and I like cool and warm tones (mostly cool tones).I am the oldest child in my family. My favorite color is dark blue. I am in my school basketball team and I also like softball.

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  1. Hi Yanitza!
    I’m Figgy, I really like your avatar! Mind telling me where you made it? I’m also the oldest child in my family. I think we can relate a lot as I like basketball too! Not so much softball because I don’t even know the rules.

    Keep on posting,

    Link to my blog:

    • Hi figgy
      I checked out your blog and I also like the color rose gold. Panda are also my favorite animal they are so cute. The website I used to make my avatar is:
      If that does not work then search up FaceYourMenga. Also if you are going to post it on your blog, screen shot it then post it.

      Thanks for the feed back

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